AEM Dryflow Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Model Number: 601128-DRY

This air filter cleaning kit is used with the K&N/AEM DRYFLOW air filters. If you have a standard AEM or K&N filter, search for the K&N filter cleaning kit instead (two bottle kit).

Q: Which filter do I have? Which kit do I need?"
Below is a photo of two very similar looking filters. In reality, the filter on the left is a dryflow, the one on the right is an oiled filter. Each type requires it's own specific cleaning kit.

If you have a DRYFLOW filter the top will be marked. The kit on this page is the one you need. The filter element may be white, gray, or even red.

If your filter only says "K&N" at the top, you need the cleaning kit that includes filter oil, the kit on this page is NOT the one you need.

When used properly and at regularly scheduled intervals, K&N's Filter Cleaning Systems will ensure that your Dry Flow filter element lasts for the life of your vehicle.

Developed specifically for DRYFLOW filter elements

AEM Dryflow Air Filter Cleaning Kit, Air Intake: Store Name

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