58 psi Fuel Regulator, 95-05 Neon

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Model Number: 221262

This is an aftermarket 58 psi fuel regulator that attaches onto the end of the fuel pump, and on the outside of the fuel tank.

95-00 Neons came with a 48 psi fuel pressure regulator, so, for 95-00 Neon owners who are doing a 2.4 swap, this fuel regulator will allow you to increase the fuel pressure to use with your stock neon injectors. OR, if you already have injectors, but still need more fuel, this will increase the fuel going to your motor.

This is also the same fuel pressure regulator used in the Neon SRT4.

This is easily installed, WITHOUT dropping the fuel tank to install it.

If YOU HAVE NOT done hardcore engine work such as cams, head porting, pistons, or turbo kit, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS. This is OVERKILL for minor bolt on Neons.

NOTE: This part will NOT fit on the 95-96 Neons with the steel tank!

*Backordered: 6/30/2023
58 psi Fuel Regulator, 95-05 Neon, Fuel System: Store Name

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  • Tyler
    will this fuel regulator work on a 2003 srt4? if not what will?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      Yes, it will work fine on the SRT4, but since the SRT4 uses the same 58 psi regulator already this will not do anything for you other than replace the your worn OEM piece.
  • Anonymous
    will this work for a stage3
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      No. This is a 58 psi regulator and the Mopar stage 3 turbo kit for the Neon SRT4 fuel regulator is a 75 psi regulator. You would either need to install a used fuel regulator or buy a new fuel pump assembly as the fuel regulators for the stage 3 are not sold seperately.
  • Sorvik
    I've got the Crane #14 cam and crane lifters etc.. on my 97/98 Dodge Neon, should i buy this part? Having trouble with my cars RPM going down to 500 (When stopping for intersections).. And sometimes the car will die out.. Stock pistons, and im not sure.. but i think the adjustable camgear is a little bit on the aggressive side.
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      We dont think you have a fuel pressure problem, you have more of a problem with your idle air control motor.
  • Clay
    Will this help a 2.4 swapped car w/o any mods?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      If you are finding that your car is running lean, then yes. You'd need to use an air/fuel mixture ratio gauge to find out how your car is running.
  • Aris
    I got a 04 Srt4 Stage 2, with 112K on it. I dont think the filter was ever changed on this car so I am wondering if I should go ahead and replace it. There are no problem or anything I just want to take good care of it. Suggestion?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      There is a filter built into this regulator, so it wouldn't hurt to replace this as a maintenance item. There is no service interval from Mopar on this, so we cant say you have to have it replaced by XXX,XXX miles though.
  • Anthony
    It says minor bolt ons. I have a stage 2 car but recently upgraded to bws. Boomba fuel rail 750 injectors. 255 and 3 inch exhaust. Would this be compatable with my car?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This part is either A) used as an upgrade for regular 2.0/2.4 non turbo Neons from 1995-2005, or as B) a replacement regulator for 03-05 SRT-4's. There is no improvement or benefit for replacing your stock regulator on your 03-05 SRT-4 with this unless your old one is bad or failing.
  • andy
    what are syptoms of a failing/bad fuel regulator??
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Typically when a regulator fails, you will have problems starting the car after it sits for a while. This is because the regulator holds pressure in the lines when the car is turned off so that the car will have fuel pressure when you start the car.
  • Jimmy Ford
    I bought the lower end kit with 10.5 pistons and the 400 comp cam for an 05 neon 2.0. Will this regulator increase the fueling from the stock injectors enough to support the engines needs?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Early Neons, from 1995-1999 roughly had 48 psi regulators. This regulator is the OEM regulator from 2000-2005 Neons is a 58 psi regulator. So, for 95-99 guys that need just a little more fuel this will increase the fuel pressure from 48-58 psi. If you have a second gen Neon, then this will not increase pressure as you already have 58 psi.
  • NicMagz
    Couple questions for you guys.

    1) I realize that this is overkill for a near stock 1st gen, but will you do any damage running it anyway, or would it be fine and just a waste of money?

    2) I'm currently running Crane 16s, an Iceman and longtubes/2.5" exhaust on a 2.0 DOHC. I would you recommend 58 psi for this setup? I figure it's still on the lighter side of modifications.
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      There is no point in switching to this regulator on a first gen unless you have big cams and increased compression.