DiabloSport Predator P2 - For use in California

Model Number: 220225-50LEGAL

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The 50-State Compliant products can be used by Neon SRT-4 owners anywhere in the USA, but this was really designed for California owners that have to deal with tough CARB emissions testing.

The Predator 2 picks up where the original Predator left off but offers new creature comforts like a color screen, USB updates, and more. The new Predator adds high performance tuning and improves your cars overall performance with the same performance tune that is offered in the old Intune 2, and in the new Intune 3, Trinity, etc.

This handheld tuner allows you to quickly tune your car with its performance tune. Simply plug the cable directly into the OBD2 port under the dash and within 10 minutes you can flash your pcm with no other tools, cutting, soldering, etc. Its easy! The Neon SRT-4 will run about 20 psi after installation and pick up about 40 horsepower and 60 lbs of torque.

In addition to the performance tune, the Predator 2 will let you adjust cooling fan on/off temps, axle ratio settings, re-calibrate your speedometer for larger aftermarket tires, and tons more. You can easily update the Predator 2 with its built in USB port.

  • 50-State Legal EO # D-770
  • High speed data logging available through the OBD2 port

Note: This product is 50-state emissions compliant, which means this will pass California emissions. This product does not include CMR custom tuning capabilities. Please see the Platinum version of this product (not 50-state compliant) for CMR custom tuning capabilities.


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  • Brennan
    Does this come with preloaded tune or do u need tuning experence?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      This Predator is ideal for owners that are:
      1) In California
      2) Want a bolt on tune for the factory turbo, and will not need any custom tuning.

      Yes, this comes with a preloaded tune that gains 40 hp/60lbs of torque.