Plug and Play Boost Box Harness, 03-05 Neon SRT-4

Model Number: 701172

We now carry a plug and play Boost Box harness from Kinnettic Kreations. This makes installation of the N2MB boost box a lot easier!

Just plug into MAP sensor, TIP sensor, swap wires into connector for wastegate solenoid, install resistor into existing wastegate solenoid pins and heat shrink. Run harness through grommet and plug into boost box. Hook up 3 remaining wires (ground, ignition power, and PCI bus). Easiest spot is to put boost box into glove box and splice into wires behind the radio, all 3 are there and easy to find. Just match up the colors!

  • anthony
    Does this work even if you have the solenoid delete?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      Absolutely not. The boost box uses the factory solenoids to control the wastegate, and diverter valve, and tip line inputs to the pcm. If you delete the solenoids, then you have no way to control the boost through the factory solenoids. There really is no point in deleting the solenoids unless you just want zero boost control from the pcm. Ever since Diablosport made progressive boost control for better traction, we recommend not deleting the solenoids. The SRT4 runs better with the solenoids.