B Grade Projector LED Halo Headlights (Chrome), 05-10 Cobalt

Model Number: MISC2
This is a set of used B-Grade headlights. One side had moisture inside and dried on the inside of the lens, but you have to really pay attention to see it. Otherwise all of the LED's work and they look pretty good! Re-sealing around both lenses would keep moisture out for good. A good set of usable lights at a great price!!

Note:These headlamps come with standard halogen bulbs already installed! If you'd like to add a set of Nokya bulbs please select them from the options.

Quick facts on these headlights

-No cutting, or welding needed
-Comes with bulbs, no need to purchase any bulbs.
-You can install new headlight bulbs if you wish.
-We have not tested these headlights with HID lighting kits
-These come complete, nothing else other than tools needed to install.
-Installation should take 1-1.5 hours.

Modern Performance is proud to introduce to you the new projector headlights with halo rings and led turn signals.

Although these lights come with halo rings as well as led turn signals, because they connect to your factory headlight harness for power for the headlights, and they have a spot for the turn signal, wiring up the led and halos are optional.

If you were to install them as the they were designed, you'd wire the halos to come on with your parking lamps, the led turn signals to flash with your factory turn signal. Both the Led turn signals, as well as the Halo lights have their own seperate power sources, so, you can wire them indepently for power.

The factory headlight plug (that normally plugs into headlight plugs into the wiring of these perfectly, and there's two wires for the led turn signals, and two wires to connect for the halo rings.

Installation is fairly easy, we recommend you have a socket and driver, wire strippers, electrical tape and a soldering gun.

  • mike guzi
    I saw these used projectors for my cobalt on your sight what is a B grade?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      B grade refers to the grading or quality of the part. Like it mentions in the product description, one side had moisture inside, and so we are selling this as a B grade product that is not perfect, but still in good condition.