16 Piece Hex Drive Lug Bolt Set (Chrome or Black), 2012-18 Fiat 500

Model Number: 225721-
p>This is a 16 Piece Hex Drive Lug Bolt Set for the 2012-18 Fiat 500 in either silver or black. These lug bolts are a hot seller, due to the factory lug bolts having a cast design, with a pressed on chrome cap that disintegrates over time. These wont fail like the OEM lug bolts will.

These utilize a 17mm socket head, are made from heat treated steel and are electrically plated for long wear, long life of the silver or black finish.

Note: these are called cone shaped bolts due to the V shaped design. The ones sold here have the exact same length and threads as the OEM bolts, and actually have a larger diameter cone shape. The head is smaller on these aftermarket bolts, but that does not affect the strength, because the huge mushroom cap that the OEM bolts have dont even touch the wheels, only the cone touches the OEM wheels. Please see our photos showing the comparison between OEM and these.

16 Piece Hex Drive Lug Bolt Set (Chrome or Black), 2012-18 Fiat 500, Exterior: Store Name
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