TTi Mid Length Header, 95-05 Neon SOHC

Model Number: 221936

Dodge / Plymouth Neon Headers by TTi are designed with the heavy-duty materials for the ultimate durability. Headers increase horsepower, torque and passing power.

  • 1-5/8" O.D tubes into a 2 1/2" Collector
  • 3/8 thick header Flages
  • O2 sensor bung welded in place, ready to accept sensing equipment
  • Includes: 1/16" header gasket and all necessary hardware for instillation
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    • Anonymous
      how long is the header? It appears to be longer than say a magnum manifold, but appears to be a bolt in?

      A measurement (string) of the tube length to the collector and a total length would be great. Can i also get additional pics of the collector?
      1 Answer
      • Modern Performance

        CARB only applies to California drivers, this is not of importance to anyone outside of California.

        This part, and about 99.8% of all other parts are NOT CARB compliant as most manufacturers dont want to spend the time and effort needed to get CARB compliance.
    • Marty
      I was wondering if this application would fit my stock sohc exhaust system, with no moding to my head and cat. hoping just to port and match manifold gasket. Thanks
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        This header is designed for you to cut the piping before the oem catalytic convertor, slip the ball socket connector (small piece of pipe in photo) on the piping before the cat and connect to the header. Then weld the socket connector onto the oem piping.
    • Anonymous
      Will this fit a 2002 neon R/T? I'm going to be building a custom 3" exhaust and would like the full dimensions this product along with any advice you can give.
      1 Answer
      • customer service rep

        Yes, this header will also fit the 00-05 Sohc Neons and 01-04 Neon RT's. Its roughly 16 inches in length. Installing a 3 inch exhaust would be way overkill and would cause a huge loss in power. 2.25 inch diameter piping is perfect, and if you have every single bolt on available in addition to engine mods, then 2.5 inch is good.