BC Coilover Suspension, +12 Fiat 500

Model Number: 225302

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BC Coilover Suspension for the 12+ Fiat 500. These coilovers are an incredible value for the money.

These coilover units include not only the coilover itself, which has 32 levels of dampening adjustment, but they also have:

* Full pillow ball upper mounts for front and rear * They are also slotted for camber for front and rear. * Come with a one year warranty!


Ask a Product Question

  • Jared
    Does BC have the ultimate drop kit option for the fiat yet?
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      BC coilovers offer a .5 to 2.5 inch drop range for the 500. This allows you to tailor your cars suspension to your liking.