Pacesetter Header, 95-05 Neon SOHC

Model Number: 221900

This listing is for the Pacesetter header that will fit SOHC engines!

This an economical header kit that can give your Neon a little more room to breathe! Gain more horsepower without breaking the bank.

Consider the Armor Coat option! Want to increase the performance of your motor with a new header, but want a higher quality option than a regular Pacesetter header? The folks at Pacesetter took their regular steel header, and coated it with a special heat reducing ceramic coating. This reduces the heat that escapes into the engine bay, which reduces the temperature of the ambient air your motor takes in. It also prevents rust from forming, keeping this header looking good for years.

Comes complete with gaskets, and swivel ball socket flange.

  • Anonymous
    How does the pacesetter header bolt up to the stock exhaust for the 2.0 sohc neon
    1 Answer
    • Modern Performance

      You need to cut the piping after the stock ball and socket flange. The pacesetter then slips over the piping at that point and you then either bolt on or clamp the pacesetter lower flange and the stock piping together. (welding highly recommend to make sure there are no leaks)
  • Anonymous
    Do you make these for the stratus 2.4's?
    1 Answer
    • 220120

      Pacesetter doesnt make one for a Stratus 2.4, however the Dohc Neon headers we offer from Pacesetter and TTI will fit the Stratus 2.4 bolt pattern.
  • James
    What diameter piping is coming off the flange? I'm doing a 2.5" exhaust and I would rather not modify my current header if I can help it.
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      This header is designed to connect to the factory header piping, and therefore its 2.25 inch.
  • Micah Owens
    Will the addition of this part require a modification of the computer settings or the use of other than stock oxygen sensors?
    1 Answer
    • customer service rep

      There is no modifications you need done to your pcm to install this header, your Neon will adapt automatically. You keep your stock oxygen sensors.
  • Scott
    Is there data on the percentage of horsepower or torque this header gives?
    1 Answer
    • Customer Service Rep

      We generally saw a gain of about 6-7 horsepower with this header, and even more at 6800-7400 rpm.