AGP Big Wheel Stock (BWS) Complete Package (Save $200), 03-05 Neon SRT-4/ 03-07 PT Cruiser GT

Model Number: 220245-BWSP
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AGP Big Wheel Stock Turbo (BWS) Complete Power Package.

This package of parts allows you to properly fuel, and make maximum power out of the Big Wheel Stock turbo. It consists of:

  • AGP BWS Turbo
  • Your Choice DiabloSport tuner
  • Deatschwerks 1000CC PnP injectors
  • MPx 3 Bar Map/Tip Package
  • Custom Diablosport Tune by a tuner to make this package run perfectly for you.
  • Tune

    We offer a custom Diablosport tune with this package. What this means is that our Diablosport tuner will discuss with you the mods that you have on your car, and will create a base file for your car. The file will be emailed to you, and you can load the tune from your computer onto your Diablosport. Then you should install all of the parts in the package onto your car, and load the Diablosport custom tune onto your car. Its important to not install the injectors and map/tip sensors on your car until you are loading the tune because your car will not run with the bigger injectors and map/tip sensor without the updated pcm tune.

    Then, go for a drive, do some datalogging with the Diablosport to record how your car is doing and then you can send the datalog file back to the tuner by email for evaluation to make sure your car is running well. If necessary a revised tune can be made.

    There are two tunes offered. A standard tune which should put you at around 340-350 wheel horsepower, and a E85 optimized tune which is only for use with E85 pump fuel. If you have E85 locally, you can choose the E85 tune for even more power.

    Recommended mods to use with this package

  • This turbo has the same size inlet as the factory turbo, so any intake you can bolt to the factory turbo will work great with this intake. We highly recommend the AEM air intakes.
  • Because the intake temperatures will be much higher, its best to use a good intercooler that will cool the air intake charge down.
  • You can use a 2.5 inch exhaust however we recommend you have a 3 inch exhaust.
  • *Backordered: 5/31/2019

    Ask a Product Question

    • Matthew Lewis
      How does the tune effect smogging the car? Yes being in California sucks.
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        99.9% of items we offer are not approved by the CARB (California Air Research Board) and therefore really cannot be used. You might be able to get away with items that look factory though, the map sensor with adapter would be obviously aftermarket and cause you to fail the CARB testing.
        **UPDATE** We received an email from a Mike L in California that bought this package, and he emailed over this information: I wanted to help your Cali customers asking about smog in regards to Model Number: 220245-BWSP; it's a slick kit. The turbo is basically a stock housing goosed to match a bigger wheel. So a smog shop has no justification for issuing a FAIL on the visual inspection unless they have verifiable knowledge that the wheel isn't stock. The same is the case with the injectors and the custom tune, as DiabloSport doesn't leave a watermark that can be easily detected on the Chrysler PCM. However, you MAY fail the electronic inspection if any codes e. g., the Cat Efficiency Code, are disabled. As for the MAP and TIP sensors, the adapter block will cause you to fail inspection. I have experienced this personally. I had a 2BAR rescale rewritten for smog day, then loaded that tune, swapped to stock 2BAR sensors, drove for a day to get the system "Ready"...and passed.
    • Jason MacEmcy
      Are those "340-350hp" numbers on the stock fuel pump with no rewire?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        340-350HP should be possible with intake, 3 inch exhaust, intercooler, this package and the walbro 255lph fuel pump. The fuel pump rewire kit is not necessary but is nice to make more fuel output.
    • Jon
      I see the map options are e85 and 93 octane all i can get here is 91 non ethanol fuel im guessing the tune would be tweeked to accomidate this?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Yes, the tune would be adjusted for your 91 octane.
    • Kurt
      I have Stage 2 with toys. Do I need the injectors and MAP sensors, or can I use the ones that I have.
      Will my toys still work?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Yes you need the injectors with this kit as this is a full tuned kit. Toys will not work with this package. This is because once you get the tune for this package, the Intune will save your old pcm tune, and then load the performance tune for this package onto your pcm. Therefore, the coding for the tune will not work.
    • james johnson
      What clutch would you use with this turbo kit??
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        You'd need a clutch that can handle up to 400 lbs of torque, so the South Bend stage 2 Daily, or Clutchmasters stage 3 would be best.
    • Curtis Darrow
      Will I need a rescale tune in order for this to work. Or is it all plug and play?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        The tune that comes with this kit includes a rescale in addition to the performance tune so that everything is A-OK once everything is installed.
    • Curtis Darrow
      In California I can't find 93 octane or e85. But it says u have to pick a tune. What should I do?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Our custom tuner would create a tune for you that would use your available gas. You would communicate with the custom tuner and give them a list of your modifications and your concerns, and or fuel availability.
    • Bobby Waters
      Can you use the factory wastgate with this or should you upgrade to a AGP? If AGP what spring?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Yes you can use the factory wastegate, or you can use the AGP wastegate actuator. If you use the AGP wastegate, use the 8 psi spring thats included in the AGP wastegate to go off of pcm control for boost. Or if you want higher boost pressures all the time in every gear you can use the 15 or 18 psi spring. Please read up more on the AGP wastegate in its product page.
    • Robert Adams
      What is the difference between the Intune I3 and the Trinity T2?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Its best to read up on the Intune and T2 pages to get more info, but in a quick summary, both are performance tuners, the T2 is also a monitor that you can use to view engine parameters.
    • Damyon Mallow
      What if i already bought the tuner from yall last year and need the rest of the set up ? ..... would you be able to make some sort of deal with me ?
      1 Answer
      • Customer Service Rep

        Sure, if you are serious on buying and want a component or two removed call us.